How IT for Financial Services Moves Banking Forward

IT Support for banks and financial services

In the era of digital commerce, information technology has become indispensable for banks and financial institutions. Whether it’s enhancing security, or fostering innovation, there’s no understating the impact of IT in shaping the future of financial services.

IT services cut costs, automate workflows, and ensure compliance. TenHats offers comprehensive IT support for financial organizations, including responsive support, cybersecurity, and an on-site data center for financial operational success.

How IT for Financial Services Provides Technical Support

IT for financial services is crucial in providing comprehensive support to banks and similar institutions. Considering that 78% of U.S. adults prefer digital banking over an in-person experience, a competitive edge in the finance industry requires streamlined IT solutions. It’s not just about consumer apps. The right internal tools can improve efficiency, while poor IT overcomplicates processes and cuts into profits.  

When choosing a managed services provider for IT, make sure that they can provide:

  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Enhanced security
  • System upgrades
  • Information management
  • Strategic innovation
  • Training and support


Reduced Costs

Managed IT services for banks and other financial businesses significantly reduce costs through effective management of IT infrastructure. This includes: 

  • Overseeing network operations 
  • Implementing efficient maintenance protocols
  • Conducting timely hardware and software upgrades 


Software can be especially tricky due to how complicated it can be to keep up with all the different types. This includes:

  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Payment processing systems
  • Mobile banking apps
  • Regulatory compliance software


That’s not to mention their licensing, installation, and custom integrations. A managed IT service can provide software management to help you focus on what you care about most.

What’s more, the outsourcing of IT services emerges as a more cost-effective strategy. It allows your organization to benefit from specialized expertise without the financial burden of in-house management costs.

Streamlined Workflows

IT-managed services for finance facilitate streamlined workflows by introducing automation, thereby enhancing overall productivity. Routine tasks can be automated, reducing manual intervention and the likelihood of errors. This optimization of operational processes not only improves efficiency but also frees up resources for more strategic endeavors.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security is a crucial aspect of IT service management for finance services. Banks require robust cybersecurity measures implemented to safeguard sensitive financial data from potential breaches and cyberthreats. This protects your institution’s reputation as well as ensures the trust of clients.

System Upgrades

System upgrades are essential to meet the ever-evolving industry. A managed IT service regularly updates these systems to adhere to the latest regulatory standards. This ensures that your business operates within the prescribed legal framework.

Strategic Innovation

Moreover, IT fosters strategic innovation, enabling financial institutions to remain competitive by developing and implementing new products and services. This innovation is driven by leveraging technology to address emerging market trends and customer needs.

Training and Support

IT support encompasses training and support programs, ensuring that your staff is well-versed in best practices. This ongoing training ensures that your workforce is equipped to make optimal use of IT resources, promoting a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement within the organization. 

IT Trends in the Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry is at the forefront of groundbreaking IT trends. Managed IT for financial services can help your organization stay at the leading edge of these trends that are shaping the financial sector’s dynamic future. 

Cloud Banking

Cloud banking has gained prominence as institutions leverage private cloud environments for enhanced: 

  • Scalability 
  • Flexibility 
  • Security


This shift is important as, according to a BAI poll, 55% of those who responded would switch financial institutions for better digital services. Including cloud banking in your business’s offerings allows for seamless data management and accessibility, promoting operational efficiency.

Online Customer Portals and Consumer Banking Apps

Online customer portals and consumer banking apps are becoming integral for financial institutions. As a survey from Chase found, 90% of respondents preferred handling their finances from their phones rather than a computer. That’s because they provide clients with convenient, real-time access to their accounts and services. 

This digital transformation extends to document verification and fraud prevention. There, advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain are employed to enhance security measures.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is increasingly focusing on digital payments, prompting financial organizations to prioritize secure and compliant transaction processes. This requires robust IT infrastructure to navigate evolving regulatory landscapes.


To remain competitive, financial institutions are automating more tasks, from routine customer service inquiries to complex financial analyses. This automation enhances operational speed, reduces costs, and allows staff to focus on higher-value activities, fostering innovation and agility in a rapidly evolving digital financial ecosystem.

TenHats: Your IT Solution in the Financial Services Industry

Plenty of IT companies can help with connectivity and troubleshooting on a small scale. However, few can manage enterprise-level tech stacks for companies with tens or hundreds of millions in annual revenue. 

At TenHats, we deliver comprehensive managed IT services tailored for the financial industry, including:

  • Responsive support
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business consulting
  • On-site data center


We offer responsive support in the form of 24/7 help desk assistance to swiftly address your technical issues. Understanding the urgency of production-related concerns, we provide remote support, resolving hardware and software issues promptly.

In response to the escalating significance of cybersecurity in the financial industry, TenHats implements custom measures, including firewalls, encryption, and access controls, to shield organizations from data breaches. 

Our vigilant monitoring and threat detection systems quickly identify and mitigate potential cyber threats, while regular updates and patches fortify system resilience, ensuring robust security for manufacturing operations.

Business consulting services from TenHats align technology with your organizational goals. We leverage in-depth industry knowledge to recommend tailored software solutions, automation strategies, and IT infrastructure improvements. By advising on the adoption of emerging technologies, we position your business for long-term success and competitiveness.

Distinguishing ourselves from other IT service providers, TenHats boasts an on-site data center with colocation capabilities dedicated to supporting financial IT needs. This purpose-built center enhances services across cloud environments and virtualization. By doing this, we provide a cost-effective solution to scale your efforts and secure your data for sustained operational success.

Are you interested in IT services for finance organizations? Contact us today to start a conversation!

IT is vital for the financial industry. When choosing a provider, consider key factors including cost reduction, heightened security, and strategic innovation. These services efficiently cut expenses, streamline workflows, and ensure compliance. TenHats offers tailored IT support for financial organizations, including responsive assistance, cybersecurity, and an on-site data center. This comprehensive approach contributes to success in the dynamic financial sector.

In 2016, TenHats built the region’s first purpose-built colocation data center in over 20 years. Located in Knoxville, TN, our data center can serve any organization in East Tennessee and beyond. With our team’s IT experience, we provide a lot more than simply protected data. When you call us, you talk to a real IT expert. Connect with our team about our data center today!

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