The Enterprise Difference

At TenHats, we succeed when you succeed. We are confident in our work because we have plentiful resources and defined policies and procedures.

There’s no problem we can’t solve and no question we can’t answer. 

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We want our clients to sleep soundly at night, knowing they have an entire team of real people dedicated to supporting the proactive security of your business’ IT.

When you call us, we answer the phone and solve your issues quickly with creative resolutions catered to your needs.

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The infrastructure of our data center is built to provide your business with the uptime, secure systems, expert custom support, and innovative technology you need in remote hosting.

Choose a data center that’s going to exceed your expectations.

The TenHats Difference

When you call us, we answer the phone and solve your issues quickly with solutions and expertise tailored to your business's success.

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TenHats Core Beliefs


We care. When you have pain, we have pain. When you have success, we have success.


As our client, you always have access to everything that we manage on your behalf.


From rack and power to completely outsourced IT, our team can handle it all.


We don’t just fix your IT problems, we empower you to understand them.


We work with you to identify your needs so we can create the right custom solution.


Our seasoned staff has the experience and expertise to solve your complex problems.

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