IT Strategy Services

IT Strategic Guidance and Expertise to Leverage Technology for Business Growth

Your IT strategy aligns your organization’s technological resources and business development efforts to achieve its overall strategic goals. Without a strategic plan, many companies decide on software purchases or hardware updates based solely on whether or not it’s “in the budget.” An IT strategy, on the other hand, lays out specific objectives and milestones that help your organization maintain a competitive edge. TenHats helps you leverage your resources now to plan best for the future.

IT Strategy Services

Data Center Specs

Full Redundancy

All our equipment has a second, independent piece of equipment as a backup. We even use two independent power grids, allowing us to have an A and B side of our data center supported by internal power sources. If the A side falters, the B side can fully take over. This method is how we offer the best service in our region.

Around-The-Clock Support

If you have an issue or question, our team is on call 24/7. Whether it’s tech support or 2:00 a.m. maintenance, we’re always ready to help.

Constant Protection

Physical security is one of the top risks to your data outside of a data center. We’ve equipped the data center at TenHats with industry standard fire, flood, and theft protection security systems.

HIPAA & SOC 2 Security

Because we specialize in healthcare and finance, everyone, from our security guards to our CEO, complies with HIPAA and SOC guidelines.

10,000-foot Purpose-Built Location

Many data centers are built in repurposed buildings. Instead, we built our data center from the ground up. We scrutinized every detail to create the best infrastructure possible.

24x7 Armed Guards

No one can enter our data center or offices without first passing our security team. TenHats’ armed guards monitor the campus at all times to ensure your infrastructure stays safe.

What Is IT Strategy?

An IT strategy is a comprehensive plan that aligns your organization’s IT initiatives with its overall business objectives. If you’re investing in new software or cloud infrastructure, why are you doing it? How does that investment meet your broader business goals? A well-crafted strategy helps your organization achieve competitive advantages and enhance efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Digital Transformation 

An IT strategy considers budgetary constraints and risk management to ensure resources are allocated effectively and potential threats are mitigated. An effective IT strategy enables better decision-making by defining a clear roadmap for IT investments. It optimizes the use of technology so you can prioritize projects based on their impact.

At TenHats, we regularly consult with clients to evaluate their technological priorities and assess market dynamics to make sure their IT strategy remains agile and well-suited to their current business needs.

Successful implementation of an IT strategic plan empowers organizations to leverage technology as a catalyst for growth. It supports innovation and provides a competitive edge to ensure business success over time.

What are the Benefits of Strategic IT Services?

IT strategy offers several benefits to organizations. From creating stronger business continuity to improving customer experience through your products and services, strategic IT services align your technology to support your business goals. By creating an IT strategy, your organization receives a high-level piece of enterprise architecture.

By creating an IT strategy, you take the first step toward improving business processes, such as the ones listed below.

Strategic IT services prioritize disaster recovery and business continuity planning and ensure that your business can quickly recover from disruptions and minimize downtime.

IT strategies are designed to align with your business objectives. By understanding your goals, you can tailor your IT strategic plan to support and enhance business operations.

By aligning IT strategies with business objectives, strategic IT services help identify cost-saving opportunities such as consolidating hardware resources or adopting cloud-based solutions.

IT business strategies are designed to be adaptable and scalable, allowing organizations to respond to changing business needs and industry trends. This flexibility ensures that IT infrastructure can grow and evolve alongside the business.

IT strategy is an integral part of an organization’s security infrastructure. Approaching IT strategically can help identify potential vulnerabilities. For example, an IT team may set up firewalls, but the sales team may store customer information on a third-party mobile app outside the company’s network. IT strategic services help proactively implement security measures to protect sensitive data and systems from threats.

Strategic IT services often include robust governance frameworks that ensure compliance with industry regulations and best practices. These frameworks help organizations avoid legal issues and maintain a good reputation in the market

IT strategy solutions can lead to improved customer experiences through better data analytics, personalized interactions, and seamless user interfaces. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal, leading to increased customer retention and business growth.

Modern IT services foster collaboration and communication among employees, both within the organization and with external partners or customers. This improves productivity and facilitates knowledge sharing, leading to better outcomes.

TenHats Data Center
By The Numbers

As the only locally owned enterprise IT firm in Knoxville, Tennessee, our community’s needs drive the decisions we make.


Square Feet


Generator Capacity


Cooling Capacity


Caterpillar Generator


Security Staff

What To Look For in an IT Strategy Consulting Company

Your IT strategy is the guiding principle and framework that aligns your technology initiatives with your organizational goals. With that in mind, you want to make sure that you choose the right IT strategy consulting company for your organization.

A good IT strategy service provider should possess several key components to effectively serve its clients and meet their IT needs, including the ones below.

Communication and Transparency

We take time to listen to our client's goals and challenges.
Understanding the specific needs and requirements of the client's business is essential. A good provider takes the time to listen to the client's goals and challenges to tailor the IT strategy accordingly. The provider should also be transparent about the progress of the strategy, potential challenges, and any adjustments required along the way.

Innovation and Emerging Technologies

We stay ahead of industry trends to constantly elevate our clients' IT infrastructure.
Keeping up with the latest technological advancements is crucial. Expert IT service providers are proactive in exploring and adopting emerging technology trends that can benefit your business.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Our support team offers 24/7 support for needs that arise at any time.
Beyond strategy development, a good IT service provider offers ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring of the implemented solutions. This ensures smooth operations and quick resolution of any IT-related issues that may arise.

Expertise and Experience

With centuries of IT experience on our staff, we can serve any business.
The service provider should have a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals. They should be well-versed in various technologies and platforms. Positive feedback from previous clients and a solid track record of successful projects are indicative of an experienced, reliable IT strategy service provider.

Comprehensive Assessments

We use advanced resources to spot and analyze emergent threats.
Experienced IT strategy providers will conduct a thorough assessment of the client's existing IT infrastructure, systems, and processes. This evaluation helps identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, forming the basis for the IT strategy.

Continuous Improvement

Technology is ever-evolving. We help our clients improve with these changes.
A quality provider emphasizes continuous improvement and learning. They regularly review and update their own processes to enhance their service offerings and stay ahead in the market.

At TenHats, we believe that IT isn’t just technology—it’s a core part of your organization. Your IT touches every aspect of your business, from day-to-day operations all the way to long-term planning. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing you with the best IT strategy consulting available. With our support in the digital sphere, you’ll have everything you need to adapt, compete, and thrive.

As you become more tech-dependent, we provide the guidance and expertise you need to strategically leverage technology to produce solutions that impact your business and customers.

Take your business to the next level with IT strategy consulting.

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