5 Ways AI in Data Centers Will Change the Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been all over the news recently. If you’ve partnered with a data center or are considering one, you may be wondering if it could open you up to cybersecurity threats. Fortunately, AI in data centers is expected to be beneficial to clients and operators. Here’s how AI will help data centers become more efficient and support your business.

AI will benefit data centers and their clients by allowing them to:


  • Optimize power usage
  • Enable predictive maintenance
  • Strengthen digital security
  • Support data management and analytics
  • Increase scalability and flexibility


How AI in Data Centers Will Change the Industry

There’s no doubt that AI in data centers will change the industry forever and has the potential to improve it in every aspect. AI is changing the game for data centers with resource allocation—the ability to manage assets that support strategic goals. Using historical data and real-time metrics, AI can refine every component of colocation.

While the developments AI brings are exciting, the industry isn’t quite there yet, but we certainly expect AI to change the game for data centers in the future.


1. Optimize Power Usage

When you think of data centers, chances are you imagine large rooms full of humming servers and other devices. These facilities are the heart and soul of our digital world, but they also have an invisible downside—power usage. This demand for data can result in increased strain on data center infrastructure, leading to increased carbon emissions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help solve this problem. As it analyzes a data center’s real-time data, it can spot trends and patterns that may have been overlooked. 

This can prompt the AI to allocate resources to improve power usage in the form of:

  • Data center cooling
  • Power distribution
  • Workload management


By optimizing power usage, deployed AI can direct computing power to reduce energy waste and lower the environmental impact of data centers. AI can then use machine learning (ML) to anticipate future energy demands and adjust operations as needed. When combined, AI and ML can lead to overall savings in the future for data center operators and their clients.


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2. Enable Predictive Maintenance

A notable way that AI in data centers improves automation and efficiency is through predictive maintenance. This, in turn, creates more reliable systems, making it a game-changing benefit for cloud and traditional data centers alike. AI uses systems and sensors to collect data. It then analyzes the data, looking for any irregularities that may have been missed. 

This allows AI to identify potential breakdowns or reductions in performance before they happen. This is largely based on:

  • Environmental conditions
  • Historical data
  • Real-time monitoring


Based on this data, AI can optimize maintenance and update schedules for hardware and software. This serves to increase the lifespan of critical equipment and resources while reducing unnecessary and costly maintenance.


3. Strengthen Digital Security

AI systems strengthen digital security by monitoring and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time. This allows it to catch suspicious activity or abnormalities faster than its human counterparts. 

AI can spot deviations from routine patterns such as:

  • System logs
  • Traffic patterns
  • User behavior


AI’s abilities don’t end there. It can also enhance other forms of security such as facial recognition and biometric scans. With machine learning, it can learn from historical data and constantly adapt to detect new types of threats. 

Another benefit of AI for digital security is automated responses. This allows AI systems to:

  • Isolate compromised systems
  • Apply corrective actions
  • Alert security in real-time


Operators and their clients can rest much easier knowing AI is supporting their digital security. It acts as a constant guard against threats by sealing them off from the rest of the system and enacting security protocols.


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4. Support Data Management & Analytics

The size, speed, and types of data in data centers are always growing. With constant change, data center operators need effective and data-driven methods to analyze and manage it all. 

AI is a powerful solution for achieving this, allowing operators to automate and optimize data management tasks such as:

  • Classification
  • Indexing
  • Storage


Similarly, AI can support analytics using historical data and advanced analytics to:

  • Monitor daily operations
  • Detect potential failures or bottlenecks
  • Suggest proactive optimization strategies


It allows data center operators to move beyond the defensive position of anticipating and putting out fires. Instead, it puts them in the offensive position of optimizing their systems and processes in a more predictive manner.

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5. Increase Scalability & Flexibility

AI in data centers improves scalability by allocating resources more efficiently. It analyzes real-time metrics and historical data to optimize the distribution of computing. This applies to important metrics such as network bandwidth and server capacity. The result is a dynamic form of resource management that allows operators to scale their systems with fewer constrictions.


The same strategy can be used to increase flexibility. AI algorithms monitor and predict daily workload patterns. This information allows data centers to distribute resources as needed by adjusting their infrastructure. This means operators can immediately respond to sudden demand increases and shifts in workloads without losing performance or taking on added costs.


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AI in data centers will be a huge benefit thanks to resource allocation. It uses historical data and real-time metrics to improve every aspect of a data center. This includes optimizing power usage to reduce waste as well as enabling predictive maintenance. With AI, practically every aspect of digital security will be strengthened. Data centers will also experience improved support for data management and analytics on top of increased scalability and flexibility. 

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