Microsoft Worldwide Outage Affects Online Services

A Microsoft worldwide outage is preventing users from accessing and using web apps and online services. The list of affected services includes Microsoft 365 for the web, Microsoft 365 Suite, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Planner. Customers are experiencing issues when signing into their online accounts and seeing that no web apps are available.

While Microsoft is working to resolve the issue, there is currently no ETA on when the problem will be fixed. However, users have found some success in signing in directly to the portal for each specific web app, such as, as a workaround.

As this issue continues to develop, we will be following it closely. In the meantime, for more information and updates, you can visit Microsoft’s Twitter page:

Please note that TenHats is not involved with the cause or correction of this outage. Our clients may contact us with any questions.

Cause of Outage


According to Microsoft, there are issues with high CPU utilization on the components that process back-end navigation feature APIs. This could be due to many factors, such as increased usage, software bugs, or other technical issues. Microsoft has provided more details under MO544165 in the admin center. To access the admin center, users can visit

About Outages

Outages can happen for many reasons, including hardware failures, software bugs, cyberattacks, and natural disasters. However, companies typically have processes in place to quickly identify and address these issues to minimize the impact on customers. Where so much of our work and personal lives rely on technology, outages can be frustrating and disruptive. However, it’s important to remember that these are often unforeseeable and unavoidable events.

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