WhatsApp Is Suing India to Halt New Internet Rules

Messaging service WhatsApp is suing the Indian government to halt new rules that would require the platform to make all messages traceable and viewable to government officials.

One of WhatsApp’s main appeals is its end-to-end encryption privacy, making it theoretically impossible for even the service’s managers to view what users send. Requiring WhatsApp to track user data would require an overhaul of the platform, while also undermining its main appeal.

Over a billion people use the Facebook-owned app across the world, and many of its users are Indian citizens. The government, however, argues that the rules would help enforce laws and maintain national security.

The feud with India comes in a long line of recent Facebook controversies. From a battle with Apple to fighting governors, Facebook isn’t one to stay out of hot water for long.

Brazil’s government has gone so far as to shut WhatsApp down three times when developers wouldn’t comply with criminal investigations. The US government has also pushed the organization for backdoors to user data. Unsurprisingly, India is just one of many asking for access.

Chances are WhatsApp’s user privacy in India won’t impact your business. But have you considered how secure your business’ data is and who is protecting it? We’re happy to help you figure it out. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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