Hospital Data Breach Reveals Medical Records, Social Security Numbers

A recent hospital data breach in Lexington, North Carolina, has left hundreds of people wondering what a hacker will do with the revealed names, social security numbers, and medical records. The hospital, Lexington Medical Center (LMC), is part of the Wake Forest Baptist Health System. A spokesperson for the company said two breaches took place in October of 2020 on a server that Healthgrades, its former healthcare IT vendor, had archived.

The breached information is from 2010 and 2011, but up-to-date information such as SSNs and medical conditions was still accessible.

Lexington Medical Center began sending letters out about the breach this month. One woman told Fox8 that she thought the letter was a scam, but the truth was that her 13-year-old stepson’s information was part of the information accessed by the hackers.

The North Carolina hospital is offering impacted patients a free credit monitoring service for one year, a small compensation for a breach that could change thousands of people’s lives. LMC is no longer storing data with Healthgrades, and they have not seen any misuse of the breached information yet.

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