Google Workplace Sees Exciting Changes

Are you ready for an update?

This week, Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, released updates for Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Google Assistant. Many of these changes may impact your day-to-day work. Arguably the most exciting update is the rollout of Google Assistant for Google Workspace. Google had released the service for beta testing already, but this week’s update will include a full rollout of the feature.

Google Assistant will work with mobile and smart devices for the most part, but it will give users the ability to send messages, check their calendar, and more, all with voice commands. The update is also compatible with Google’s smart home devices—Google Home and Google Nest.

Google likely sees the smart home capabilities as a chance to get a leg up on Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon’s more successful smart home device doesn’t integrate with Google as seamlessly, which might give businesspeople a draw to Google Assistant. 

This week’s update also includes Focus Time, a Google Calendar integration that minimizes distractions. The integration can add focus time to your calendar and silent notifications during that time. This update may sound familiar for Outlook users, as the service added a similar feature in 2019.

For more features and updates, TechCrunch has the full article.

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