Geico Data Breach Allows Hackers to Steal Driver’s License Numbers

15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more, but it could also mean your driver’s license number was stolen from a hacker this year.

You win some, and you lose some. Geico informed California’s attorney general this week that a data breach took place between January and March of 2021. California requires businesses to inform the state if a data breach impacts more than 500 people, but the insurance giant did not clarify if the breach was limited to California or how many people were impacted.

The hackers accessed Geico accounts by using information they had found elsewhere, but a crack in the company’s online sales system is how the fraudsters uncovered the data. Geico believes the license numbers are being used to fraudulently apply for unemployment benefits under victims’ names.

Geico has begun informing customers who were impacted. Fortunately, the only information revealed was driver’s license numbers, but Geico says to watch out for any mail from the government and use a temporarily free credit monitoring service for impacted customers.

This is just one of many hacks that have happened to large companies lately. Acer recently suffered a $50 million ransomware attack, and with the rise in cyberattacks since last year, many businesses are dealing with similar threats.

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