Facebook Continues Development of Data Center in Gallatin, Tennessee

On Wednesday, the Nashville Business Journal published behind-the-scenes photos of the $800 million data center Facebook is developing in Gallatin, Tennessee.

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The data center will create at least 100 permanent jobs, 1,500 temporary jobs, and two new solar energy projects in Tennessee. As part of Facebook’s goal of environmental sustainability, renewable energy will fully power the 982,000 square foot data center.

Though the images show a skeleton framework, the building is still on track to be completed in 2023. The Nashville Business Journal reports that the construction is 25 percent complete since it began in August of last year.

In 2020, Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown said the data center has been a pipe dream in the works for decades.

“We believed it would happen but didn’t know when. We’re excited it’s now and it’s them. Hopefully, it’s a morale boost throughout the region: that there is a future,” Brown said.

After the data center is built, users in the Gallatin region will experience faster processing speeds on Facebook products. As Facebook’s thirteenth data center in the US and seventeenth worldwide, people across the world will also see the benefits of the new location.

Like Google’s data centers scattered across the country, Facebook’s Gallatin location will be exclusive to Facebook properties with no colocation opportunities for third parties.

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